1 on 1 Personal Training

100% Customized Strength and Conditioning for the ultimate athlete. Take your skills and attributes to the next level with exclusive access to one of our Fitness Specialists.


No sharing. No Distractions. Just progress.

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Movement Mastery

Receive a Movement Mastery assessment and establish baseline motor mechanics. A major cause of injury in the weight room is improper form combined with heavy weight. Avoid that error by learning the basics of human kinesiology.

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3 classmates take on a challenging workout geared towards overcoming adversity. SQUAD serves as an important general physical preparedness class while incorporating teamwork concepts

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Our Pledge

Ramsden Elite Fitness (R.E.F.) has stood up to the rest of the fitness industry and has made known that the wheel does not need reinvented!


While others may choose to offer massive group classes of 20+ kids as their "gold standard program", we believe that progress is best made when the attention is given to an individual with 100% focus. Similar to how we all want our kids to receive 1 on 1 time with the teacher at school, fitness is no different!


The Fitness Station specializes in Sports Performance Training and Athletic Performance Programs.



sports performance training

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